Why not check out our star product - TimeRiftTours.com With TimeRiftTours we are bringing VR to the tourism sector, bringing history back to life and changing VR for a passive experience to an active fun group activity!
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Exclusively for listeners of the BerLearn April 2020 XR webinar, we are offering a free 30 min consultancy session to help answer your questions on VR, AR, XR as well as themes related to EdTech and Learning & Development Technology.

All you have to do is to get in touch by filling out the form opposite and we will get back to you asap with a time when we can have a 30 mins video conference.

Please give us as much detail about your question as possible (what tech? Which sector? Details of your problems or question etc.) so that we can find the right person to help you!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Our services

    trtlabs 3D design and development

    Design and Development

    3D for immersive VR experiences to TV advertising spots, from AR experiences to learn-everywhere training simulators, from product design to video games and most things in between

    trtlabs innovation management

    Innovation Management

    Helping your company through the Digital Transformation process and taking your ideas from Ideation to Implementation. Including identifying the best technology, creating an Implementation plan, sourcing funding to reilase your project and building a team to develop it

    trtlabs venture building

    Venture Building

    Through our innovation we develop cutting edge technology. We build on this knowledge and turn in into market-focused products based on our deep connections to the European startup scene and our vast experience in Business Model Innovation

    3D Design

    Our award winning studio are experts in all things 3D, from gaming to educational simulators to stunningly realistic & incredibly immersive world-first VR experiences.


    Our experienced and growing dev team have years of experience developing for VR and AI in verticals such as Industry 4.0, Education, Tourism and Smart Cities

    Start-up Building

    Through our cutting-edge innovation work, we are able to pour our experience into creating spin-off startups, either as stand alone entities or co-created partnerships


    Our experts can guide you through the innovation process from choosing the right technology to implementing strategies to bring your company's ideas to market


    With a lifetime of combined experience, we are able to help you see past the buzz-words and implement clear and actionable tech solutions for your company's problems


    We've spent many years building a network of trusted, multinational partners that range from startups to large corporates so you can benefit from our experience

    Our process

    “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro


    Research the latest technologies, their market readiness and their possibilities for business innovation


    Push these technologies to their limit by creating market focused MVPs


    Through business model innovation, create and test new business models


    Launch this innovation as a fully fledged, spin-off startup

    What drives us?

    We come from a wide range of backgrounds with varied experience but all share a love of technology and a desire to create meaningful products.

    We are not interested in creating products just to make a quick buck. We create products and experiences that genuinely move people and make a real difference to the world.

    That’s why we put our hearts and souls into everything we do at trtlabs and really believe in what we are creating. It’s why we get up in the morning, it’s what keeps us going when we have to pull an all-nighter (from time to time) and why you’ll hear us talking proudly to everyone about what we do!

    What do we spend our time on?

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    Innovation, Research & Development 0
    Startup & Business Model Innovation 0

    Some of our clients & partners

    A selection of our work

    Check out a small selection of some of the work we are doing in innovation, design & development as well as startup building