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Bean-bags and ping pong-tables do not equal innovation!

Innovation is all about nailing the right process and making it work for you. Although taking people out of their comfort zone definitely helps open their mind, the work doesn’t stop there.

Innovation just doesn’t happen because people are sitting on bean-bags.

Our innovation process really starts before we meet with you. Unlike other companies who simply develop code or simply research, we are constantly studying the market, bench-marking and developing with the latest technologies. We push them to their limits and find out what they can do – and more importantly – what they can’t do!

Consider us the support platform for your innovation

Here’s how we can help you…


Our first step is an in-depth analysis of the problems you are trying to solve along with your company’s tech-readiness levels in order to get a clear idea of the project requirements.

We analyse where you are technologically and what would be the best tech to integrate in your company right now, and in the near future to solve the problem at hand.

It’s great being lean but in reality not all companies can be right away. We also take an in depth look at your company’s processes, mapping the route an idea would take as it passes through the departments in your organisation, so that any innovation plan is compatible with how your company actually works.



This stage involves working closely with the client to develop their ideas into an actionable innovation plan.

This can take the form of Design Thinking Workshops for your entire team, sometimes it involves guided Brainstorming Sessions and sometimes it’s One-on-One sessions at C-level. We help you step out of your comfort zone so that you can look at the problem from a different angle and ultimately arrive at the best solutions.

The goal is to get deep into the idea, challenge the client’s viewpoint and pull the innovation out of the idea stage and into the implementation stage


Having ideas is one thing, getting them to work is another!

How do you know you are tackling the problem and not just the symptoms? How do you know you are asking the right questions to get at the real problem? How do you know if your solution is the correct one or is built on misguided assumptions?

We can help you format your idea so that it has the best chance of success, then we search for funding opportunities through tried and tested EU funding vehicles as well as private funding sources.

If needed, we help with the creation of an international innovation consortium and guide your team through each step of developing & delivering the innovation project.

trtlabs innovation planning


Based on our experience in the startup world, we employ lean startup methodologies to prototype, test and fail fast. We get to the root of the problem quickly, adapt and improve quickly and ultimately reach the market quickly.

And we help you to do the same.

We have a dedicated team of designers and developers who work with Lean and Agile to iteratively take the ideas generated up to this point and turn them into high quality software solutions.

We aim to maintain a market focus with all our projects and by applying techniques such as Business Model Innovation and Lean Startup methodologies, we format your innovation so that it becomes a real money-making product and not just another “zombie” research project.

and finally…

Let us share our 3 top tips for implementing innovation within your company:

  1. Identify the change agents within your organisation to carry the innovation forward, top preach the methodology and build the right foundations to make innovation a reality.
  2. Take innovators out of their comfort zone, change their surroundings and allow them to let go of normal ways of working and find comfortable spaces to explore new ideas.
  3. Help them through the process of innovation so that they have the right tools and more importantly, the right processes to bring ideas to life.
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