Why not check out our star product - TimeRiftTours.com With TimeRiftTours we are bringing VR to the tourism sector, bringing history back to life and changing VR for a passive experience to an active fun group activity!
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meet the founders

Juan Leandro Sanchez

CoFounder & CTO

Juan Leandro counts on 15+ years in software development from operating system level upwards, in various programming languages and platforms. His works as a consultant has allowed him to work with private companies as well as government organisations. He has successfully lead many teams as project manager and built and led many other as CTO and Head of Technology and is passionate about influencing the development of AR/VR technology.

Jose Carlos Montero

CoFounder & Head of Design

After his degree in Organic Chemistry, Jose Carlos discovered that his true calling in life is 3D Design. A multi-award winner, he holds 9+ years experience consulting in 3D design technologies. He lectures a course in 3D design at one of the top Digital Design Universities in southern Europe and has a key focus on Animation, Video Games & Education as well as specialising in reproduction of environments & characters with stunning life-like qualities.

Steven Boylan

CoFounder & CEO

A Computer Science graduate from the University of Edinburgh, Steven has 12 years experience  in online / mobile marketing and biz-dev for startups and big brands, SMEs and startup accelerators. He has experience working on client side, agency side and as a consultant for Corporates, Startups and Startup Accelerators. His is a passionate lover of all things technological and loves talking to clients and getting his hands dirty solving real-life problems.

We’re growing…

Apart from our founding team, we also count on a world class team of designers and programmers to help us create our innovate, bespoke designs and software. We also count on the help of our consultant psychologists and education specialists to develop serious games and learning simulators that are not only visually stunning but educationally sound.

We have no current vacancies but if you want to show us you passion and tell us what you could do for us, we will try to see what we can do for you!