Why not check out our star product - TimeRiftTours.com With TimeRiftTours we are bringing VR to the tourism sector, bringing history back to life and changing VR for a passive experience to an active fun group activity!
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Sublimotion 2018

INTERACTIVE VR EXPERIENCE FOR MULTIPLE USERS Following on from our previous work in Augmented Reality for the world's most expensive restaurant, Sublimotion, they asked us to push the boat out and create something very special for their 2018 menu. The brief was based on the concept...

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VIRTUAL REALITY FOR WINE & SPIRIT EDUCATION Based on our Control VR platform, FoodLab is a work in progress and something of a passion for us at trtlabs. The goal of FoodLab is to enhance fine drinking experiences using a lightweight VR tool in a group...

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VIRTUAL REALITY FOR TOURISM Based on our Control VR platform, TimeRiftTours is a lightweight VR tool allowing tour guides in Berlin to take their guests on a virtual tour back through time. Since 2017, we the tour has been operating in Belrin allowing guides to bring...

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Internet of DevOps

The application of Machine Learning on DevOps tools (Jira, Git, Jenkins, SonarQube, Puppet, Ansible, etc.), coupled with production data can significantly reduce the effort and cost of the product life cycle.   We identified the potential of applying Machine Learning techniques to massive data sets for pattern...

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SMART BUILDING & FACILITY MANAGEMENT By analysing the behaviour and location of assets and users we can unleash the great potential for optimising the performance of a building, i.e. its adaptation to work habits and safety management. Our goal in this project was to contribute iteratively to...

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AI & VR For Education


CROSS PLATFORM, MULTI-MODAL LEARNING PATH DEVELOPMENT ENGINE We worked side-by-side with our client in order to deliver a solution that created a profile of each employee based on their individual learning characteristics (content studied, time to completion, user preferences etc).  Based on different Machine Learning techniques,...

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