Why not check out our star product - TimeRiftTours.com With TimeRiftTours we are bringing VR to the tourism sector, bringing history back to life and changing VR for a passive experience to an active fun group activity!
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Based on our Control VR platform, TimeRiftTours is a lightweight VR tool allowing tour guides in Berlin to take their guests on a virtual tour back through time. Since 2017, we the tour has been operating in Belrin allowing guides to bring their guests to the site of the former Berlin Wall and with the lightweight VR headset, show them exactly how the wall looked in the 60s, 70s and 80s from 3 different viewpoints.

The tour is given in lightweight Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Go Headsets and is controlled wirelessly through a web platform, accessed from the guideā€™s mobile phone or tablet.

The platform is lightweight, scalable and remote – so a tour can be delivered remotely, from anywhere in the world right to where you are sitting!

Technology Involved

3D design, Platform Development, Virtual Reality


Entertainment, Tourism