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We worked side-by-side with our client in order to deliver a solution that created a profile of each employee based on their individual learning characteristics (content studied, time to completion, user preferences etc).  Based on different Machine Learning techniques, we are able to offer highly personalised educational content to each learner, and by through alerts to supervisors and gamifying the experience, ensure increased engagement and reduced drop-out rates.


To achieve this, we teamed up with to giants in the industrial sector in Mexico and in Spain to co-develop our first products. Both companies are collaborating with us to develop the first product, adding their ideas, contributing to the growth of the system and above all, assuring that what began as a concept for scientific publication, ends up as a fully working product in the hands of successful commercial clients.


Education, Training & Simulation, Industry 4.0

Technology Involved

Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, API Development, X-API(TinCan API), Chat Bot Development, Platform Development, Database Design & Data Analytics