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Sublimotion 2018

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Sublimotion 2018


Following on from our previous work in Augmented Reality for the world’s most expensive restaurant, Sublimotion, they asked us to push the boat out and create something very special for their 2018 menu. The brief was based on the concept of “Dining with anyone, anywhere at any time” and had to allow 12 diners, all sitting at the same table, to enter into a virtual world and experience a joint VR experience. They also had to be able to eat this gourmet course whilst inside the VR environment.

The diners started off in a virtual version of the restaurant, then as the walls dissolved around them, they found themselves in Central Park in New York. At this point they get to interact with one another, with the falling snow as the seasons change, with elements of the scenery… before the waiters bring out their food. They can then eat a real food course whilst totally immersed in the virtual environment, completely blending the virtual and the real as well as completely bending the senses in the process!

Technology Involved

Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality. 3D Design


VegaFacroty / Sublimotion


3D environment design. Multi-player experience development


HTC Vive, Leap Motion, Unreal Engine 4, trtlabs Proprietary Server Platform