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Is your company beginning an AR or VR project?

Still not sure about what staff you need? What technology you should use? What resources are necessary for the project?

Let us help.

We are offering 3 separate sessions of 30 mins consultancy for free

Why are we doing this?

Summer 2017 was a busy one for us, speaking at conferences, demoing at fairs, developing bespoke projects for private clients, offering consultancy for others and so on…

Through all of these activities gathered 3 key learnings:

  1. The VR / AR world is full of creative people pushing the boundaries of this exciting new technology and we all need support to bring the industry forward
  2. We have been using these technologies for a number of years now and our team is privileged to have gathered a wealth of information and experience in the sector
  3. Through talking to so many people about their projects, their ideas and the hurdles they are facing in VR /AR, we were able to get a much bigger picture of how this exciting industry is growing and where we can go next!

For this reason we want to reach out to more people in the industry to hear about your stumbling blocks and in exchange, offer you our advice…for free.

We can call on our years of experience in areas like:

  • 3D design technologies,
  • VR and AR development,
  • Training Simulations & Serious Game Development
  • Integrations of AI in VR/AR experiences,
  • Business Development and marketing/analytics for AR / VR projects
  • …and much more

So if you could use a free consultancy session to get your company’s project running, leave us some information in form on the link below and we will choose 3 interesting projects to offer each one a free consultation session. And if this offer is not interesting for you, please feel free to share the link with someone else who might be interested.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards,

your trt:labs team

Access the application form by clicking here.